Live natural

More than hydration, it is a benefit for your body. Learn why we want Agua San Felipe to be part of your lifestyle.

Our natural origin 

Our San Felipe mineral water comes from the thaw of the Cotopaxi volcano. It runs through underground soils until it reaches its natural slopes in Latacunga, where it is extracted and packed directly, thus preserving its unparalleled flavor. It is naturally pure so it is not subjected to any purification process and is naturally balanced, providing the hydration that your body needs daily.

Thirst sensation

Has it happened to you that many times you feel your body without energy and you do not know the reason? It is usually because you are poorly hydrated. You must consume at least two liters of water San Felipe (daily), it will help you stay healthy and always hydrated.

Exercise and hydration

Water intake should be increased in sports practices, or in compliance with activities associated with increased fluid loss. Since it is proven that dehydration has a negative effect on physical ability during exercise.

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