In 1928, Eloy Alberto Sánchez Cañas acquired the land where the mineral water sources are located, in the sector of San Felipe, in Latacunga, Cotopaxi province.




With great vision. our founder initiates the bottling of this prodigious water in green and brown bottles, with paper labels, the same ones that were packed in jute bags and distributed through wheelbarrows to the Latacungueñas families. He traveled to United States by train from Guayaquil and by boats of the Grace Line. The first machinery that was used was manual and from Germany.


Through the years, the design and shape of the containers changed according to the trends of the time, as well as the machinery, which little by little was automated.


Recent years

Fuentes San Felipe is a purely family company, incorporated as anonym society in 1991. Our company is a symbol of tradition in Cotopaxi, its province of origin and it has been awarded for several occasions, receiving the following:


Fuentes San Felipe currently has 45 employees and 45 distributors, with a variety of products in still and sparkling water, under various presentations, in returnable and disposable containers. We have ventured with the passing of years in variety of soft drinks with the Felipín brand.


Purpose of massive transformation

“The purpose of San Felipe’s massive transformation is to deliver sustainable health and well-being to the world.”

Our mission

We produce mineral water and high quality, flavor and availability derivatives; through a great internal management system, with an excellent human team and in a permanent search for innovation and local and international competitiveness.

Our vision

By 2030 we will be the second company in Ecuador, recognized for our mineral water and derivatives, occupying at least 25% of the local market and generating at least 20% of our income, from international markets.

Our values

Our values

Principles of the brand


Refreshing providing energy, health and well-being.

Passion and joy

Taste, desire and commitment to do things.


Overcome and face challenges with courage.


Act in a fair and adequate manner.